Detroit rapper Danny Brown embraced his unique hood/hipster personality, took full advantage of social media, and, fueled…



Shad (Shadrach Kabango) is a Juno Award-winning rapper and songwriter born in Kenya and raised in London, Ontario…



k-os is a rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. With two certified Platinum studio albums under his belt, k-os is…

The Mariachi Ghost

The Mariachi Ghost

The Mariachi Ghost from Winnipeg, Canada, summon the ghosts of old Mexico through traditional Mexican song, haunting…

Just Jon x Dom Dias

Just joHn x Dom Dias

Just John's sound can be best described through it’s energy. His sound continues to add new elements to his rapping and.…

The Brass

the brass

Not your grandpa's British Brass Band! The Brass is a non-auditioned community brass and woodwind ensemble right…

DJ Z-TRIP Photo 9.jpg

DJ Z-Trip

Z-Trip is often referred to as a young Rick Rubin. His roots are based in Hip Hop, but he covers and loves all music styles…

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

"There’s a whole world contained within Yamantaka//Sonic Titan. They’re a Noh-Wave prog collective, a black-and-white…

Art dEcco

Art d’ecco

The Gulf Islands of the Pacific Northwest are an enigma. The islands jut up through the brisk waters of the Pacific Ocean,…

Steel Pulse

Steel Pulse

Bearing witness to the accelerating negativity of global affairs, Steel Pulse emerges with musical vengeance to halt the…

Peach Pyramid

Peach Pyramid

Peach Pyramid is the brimming honesty and personal experience of one Jen Severtson. An internalized cry pulled…

Jennay Badger Photo.jpeg

Jennay Badger

Although her roots may be in house music no one puts ms.b in a corner. Expect anything from low heavy bass tones to 4x4's…


Dirty Projectors

The new Self-titled album does everything we want and expect from Dirty Projectors — but in a way that we never could...


Haviah Mighty

Haviah Mighty didn’t need to change her birth name when she decided to dedicate her career to music. In fact, Mighty

Random Recipe

Random recipe

Formed by Frannie Holder, Fab, Vincent Legault and Liu-Kong Ha, the band has toured across Quebec as well as in Canada, …

Merkules Photo.jpg


2017 Western Canadian Music Award nominated rapper Merkules’ music videos have over 15,000,000 views on…


DJ yeezy yee

Yeezy Yee? Yeezy yes!


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